Pakistan is one of the most diverse countries in the world. From the incredible weather to vast plains, from gigantic mountains to the deep sea. There is so much to offer to its tourist community. 

Following are famous treks in the Northern region of Pakistan. 

  • Trek to Fairy Meadows Tour
  • Nanga Parbat Trekking Tour
  • K2 Expeditions via Concordia Base Camp
  • K2 gondo goro la trek
  • Ultar meadows trekking tour 
  • Rakaposhi Trek in Nagar Valley 
  • Masroor Peak Trek in Skardu 
  • Rush Peak Trek in Nagar 
  • Passu Glacier Borith Lake Trek
  • Patun Das Trek in Passu Valley
  • Batura Glacier Trek in upper Hunza 
  • Kel to Arrang Kel Trek – Most famous in Neelum Valley
  • Chita Khata Lake Trek 
  • Karambar Lake Trek in Broghil Valley 
  • Snow Lake Trek 
  • Haramosh lake Trek 
  • Ayun Valley Trek 
  • Tirch mir Trek in Chitral Valley 

Northern regions are famous for their culture, people, and languages. The stunning views of streams, snow-capped hills, lush green valleys, and dense forests.

If you want to climb, we have around 5 Peaks over 8000 meters in Pakistan. There is around 100s of peaks over 7000 and countless peaks of 6000-meter elevation. 

No matter the time of the year you visit Pakistan’s Northern Areas, you will always find it incredible. All parts of the north has its celebration from time to time. 

There are summer festivals in Chitral and sports events like the polo festival at the world’s highest polo ground Shandur. Skiing festival happens in Malam Jabba, Swat, where you can enjoy these activities with our signature services. 

We offer camping tours. Hurry up! You can go rafting, camping, bonfire, trout fishing, and much more with friends and family. Specially in Mahodand Lake, Swat, where it offers such opportunities to chill.