Let me tell you very clearly Chitral Valley is the most beautiful in Northern Pakistan. Well, seeing is believing whether it’s a diverse culture, smiling people, unique food, or fruits. Moreover, hospitality is just the next level.

Most interestingly, people have a great interest in loving flowers you can witness everywhere around while in the Chitral region. Chitral Kalash Tour is one the most selling tour package as it blends beauty with culture. Henceforth, you flourish by listening to some mind-blowing tales of ancient greek culture in Kalash Bumburat along with enjoying amazing views in Chitral Gol.

Therefore, book your Chitral Kalash tour 2022 for a fun ride of 5Days 4nights from Islamabad. we also deal in Kalash valley festivals like Uchaal (Summer Festival) & Chilam Joshi Festival ( Spring in May ).