Neelam valley is the most serene valley of Azad Kashmir.  No doubt that This valley is for the people who are considered as nature lovers paradise. This valley is filled with fast-flowing rivers Neelam and Jehlum, sparkling waterfalls, and lush green meadows.

Neelam valley was once a part of Greater Kashmir. However, it has been the center of many cultural activities. Northern Pakistan is full of miracles.

A well-known Great researcher and traveler, Albironi, have also visited the ancient city of Shard, now commonly known as an old university in the heart of Neelam Valley.

Neelam valley has great significance in terms of tourism in Pakistan. The spectacular views and lush carpeted meadows can cast a spell on visitors.

Old Price: 90,000 PKR for Couple 

Discounted Price: 80,000 PKR