The Pak Tours & Travels urges to provide top services for the global tourist community. Tourists worldwide love to visit a region enriched in culture, tradition, and history. More importantly, the scenic landscape of Northern Pakistan is unmatchable to any other place. For foreign tourists, browse a list of tour plans covering Pakistan’s fantastic areas. Here we present the Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour plan.

The Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour is mainly for foreigners who wish to see the beauty of culture and breathtaking locations. Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour covers all the significant parts of Gilgit Baltistan, as the name mention. Moreover, the tour plan consists of 11 days. We shall explore all the adjacent areas of Gilgit and the Hunza and, most importantly, Skardu, the extreme north and great region of northern Pakistan.

Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour